Together, we can change the world.

Freedom Church is committed to the simple vision of leading people into a new life of freedom in Jesus.

Freedom Church is committed to the simple vision of leading people into a new life of freedom in Jesus, and we love partnering with other people and organizations that do the same. One Child Matters is one of those organizations.

One of the most effective ways to build God’s Kingdom on this earth is to invest in its children. Knowing that we can not only invest financially, but relationally with children on the other side of the world and be a tangible extension of God’s love makes partnering with One Child Matters a no brainer.

As a church, we say we will do anything short of sin to reach people who are far from God. It is the heavenly mandated mission of the church to reach people who are far from God and we should celebrate every single life that comes home. Together, we can reach the masses if we each do our part.

One Child Matters helps you stay focused on the big picture of the salvation of mankind by investing in one life at a child at a time.

Ryan & Sunshine Vinson

Lead Pastors, Freedom Church

One person. That’s all it takes to change the world for a child in desperate need.

Sponsorship through One Child Matters connects caring individuals with children in poverty, to provide them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances and reach their potential in Christ. In fact, recent research proves that one-to-one child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to combat global poverty. There’s real power in one person reaching out to one child through sponsorship—power that changes both lives!


Children will have the opportunity to learn about God, His purpose for their life, and hope for the future.


Children get help with their studies and are taught problem-solving, leadership, literacy, numeracy, and other life skills.


The child development center provides nutritious food and supplements. Children also have access to medical check-ups and immunizations to fight common diseases.


Children are encouraged to socialize with others and instructed in sports, music, and drama. These activities, with special outings, will help them make and keep friends.

Through sponsorship, YOU can make an eternal difference in the life of a child.

One Child Matters can create a crucial foundation of support, but there's another important factor in a child's development - YOU! As a sponsor, you are an incredible source of encouragement. Your letters and prayers are powerful and effective. Your faithful support opens doors of opportunity - it is one of the best investments you can make in God's kingdom!